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Note: For general business inquiries, or to purchase beer please use the contact form.
Bars and restaurants, to purchase OMB beer, contact Sales at OMB using our feedback form or call 704-525-5644.

OMB is a strong believer in giving back to our community. So, while we like to support as many worthy causes as possible, we receive many requests, but our resources are limited, so we need to prioritize. Our order of priority for supporting charity events/donation requests is as follows:

  • The charity must be local. (Charlotte/Mecklenburg region – OMB only distributes in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg region)
  • It must be for a nonprofit organization serving our local community.
  • We must have funds in our monthly donation budget to support it. OMB’s business model includes setting aside a fixed dollar amount each month for donations that we cannot exceed.

Additional policies:

  • All requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Requests for OMB staff will require a charge to compensate the staff member(s) for their time.
  • Requests for kegs and/or beer dispensing equipment will require that a refundable deposit be paid at the time of pick-up or upon booking in the case of a delivered event.
  • Kegs and/or equipment normally must be picked up at the brewery. OMB may be able to deliver and/or set up the items in some cases, but this service will result in a delivery/set-up fee being charged.
  • If we have promotional items available, such as OMB signage, you may use it free of charge, provided you return it after the event.
  • If you pick up OMB promotional items, such as coasters, glassware or T-shirts, and want to keep them or if they are not returned, you will be billed for those items.

Please complete the form below in its entirety. We only respond to requests using this online.

Requests for donations, use this form.