Enjoy our world-class beer with friends and family in a stunning, park-like oasis.



Enjoy our world-class beer indoors with great food, family and friends.



Visit our brewery and take an award-winning tour.


OMB Brauhaus

When you walk through the doors of our Brauhaus, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a Bierhall somewhere in Cologne or Düsseldorf. High ceilings, warm wood paneling, and a lively community atmosphere make the Brauhaus a great place to pull up a chair and enjoy whatever fresh flavors OMB is pouring that day.

If food is part of the plan, the Brauhaus menu includes popular German fare such as Soft German Pretzels, Currywurst and a great selection of traditional sausages and sides. We also feature traditional American options including fresh salads, handmade pizza, wings and premium Chuck & Brisket blended burgers.

Bring friends and family to the Brauhaus and plan to stay a while – rushing your way through a meal and a fresh, tasty beer kind of defeats the purpose, right? We built this place so you can hang out here, so feel free to do so. However, while you’re here, please remember to drink responsibly. Safety always comes first, no matter how good the beer is.



Our Brauhaus Menu is seasonally inspired and carefully crafted by our wonderful kitchen staff. You can choose from German fare, salads, appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and more!



We now take reservations during the following times:

MONDAY – THURSDAY :  11am – 7:30pm 

FRIDAY :  11am – 4pm


Please e-mail reservation requests to Carlie Bodder:


MONDAY:  11am -10pm

TUESDAY: 11am -10pm

WEDNESDAY: 11am -10pm

THURSDAY: 11am -10pm

FRIDAY: 11am -11pm

SATURDAY: 11am -11pm

SUNDAY: 11am -10pm


A note about the latest mandate:

We are in compliance with the latest statewide mandate concerning masks and we ask that our guests wear their mask inside the Brauhaus (unless you’re at your table) and whenever you are ordering beer and food (inside and outside). All of our tables are appropriately spaced and there is plenty of room to spread out, relax, and enjoy a fresh, cold beer.

A note about reopening:

Plenty of space and obsessive cleanliness have been enduring hallmarks of the OMB experience since the beginning here. As we prepare to reopen, we have been diligent in taking necessary precautions to ensure a healthy and successful reopening in Phase 2 (beginning May 22). We’ve been extremely busy in our preparations to reopen and we will continue striving to provide the absolute best experience possible for all of our guests. We would like to thank everyone who came by our Drive-Thru and we wish you many enjoyable beers in the shade of our Biergarten trees. 🙂


The only thing better than drinking Charlotte’s freshest beer is drinking Charlotte’s freshest beer in the largest Biergarten in the Southeast. Reminiscent of the world famous Biergartens of Munich, OMB’s ‘garten is a natural oasis just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of “real life.” Set on eight (yes, eight) picturesque acres surrounded by 100-year-old oak, mature pecan and hickory trees, the wide-open spaces of the Biergarten make it an ideal place for families to eat, friends to meet, and even for pets to enjoy a little down time.

Whether it’s a beautiful spring day playing cornhole, or a cold evening huddled around a blazing firepit, you won’t find a better atmosphere in the Queen City to enjoy a fresh, cold beer. When you’re here you may wonder if it’s the beautiful surroundings that make the beer taste soooooo good, or if it’s the remarkably fresh beer that makes the Biergarten feel like the best place on Earth. Darned if we know the answer, but we invite you to do all the necessary research here until you figure it out.

You can also enjoy a limited-offering food menu from the ‘Garten Grill while relaxing outside.



If you’d love to experience America’s best brewery tour, you’re in luck – it’s right here at The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery! We’re honored to have received this recognition from USA Today, especially considering all of the great breweries operating around the US. Hopefully, the rest of the country now knows what we’ve known for years: Charlotte, NC is one of the best fresh-beer-loving towns in America!

*Please see free tour times listed below

When you tour our brewery, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the time-honored brewing processes that we use to create all our classic German-style beers. You’ll learn more about how we strictly adhere to the world-famous German “Reinheitsgebot” beer purity law of 1516 that requires beer to be made only of water, malt, hops and yeast. You’ll touch (and taste) our barley malt, smell our Bavarian noble hops, and learn how OMB beer is brewed, lagered and packaged. We invite you to come learn (and experience) all you can about Charlotte’s freshest beer.


(tours are temporarily canceled)

FREE Tours of the Brewery 

SATURDAYS:  2:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 4:00 pm

You do not need to register. No purchase is necessary (although we encourage those over 21 to try the beer) and children are welcome if accompanied by an adult over 21. Approximate length of the tour is 40 minutes.



Private tours are $10 per person with a minimum of $100 and must be booked in advance. One pint is included in the price for each person. Samples are not given during the tour. Please call 704-525-5644  to schedule a private tour.



MONDAY:   11aM – 10PM

TUESDAY:   11aM – 10PM

WEDNESDAY:   11aM – 10PM

THURSDAY:   11aM – 10PM

FRIDAY:   11aM – 11PM

SATURDAY:   11aM – 11PM

SUNDAY:   11aM – 10PM